Craziest Motorcycle Crashes on YouTube

Craziest Motorcycle Crashes on YouTube

There are two humanity-based explanations for the prevalence of YouTube videos featuring motorcycle crashes: People's fascination with the misfortunes of others (particularly at high speeds) and the fact that so many people crash their motorcycles each year. A good portion of these are the result of stunt-riding, but accidents happen on race tracks, as well. Either way, the advent of digital cameras has made for more crashes caught on video; here are some of the most glorious and notorious - but not necessarily the goriest.

5. Top-fuel racer Korry Hogan's video details a crash that occurs on the dragstrip at 220 miles per hour. The first segment of the video, lasting about 45 seconds, is grim. Hogan brings his superbike to the starting line, revs up, and takes off like a bottle rocket into the distance. Five seconds in, a scream is heard near the cameraman, and Hogan's bike turns into a ball of fire about a quarter of a mile away. Then the video switches to the footage taken from Hogan's cycle-mounted camera. After a tense minute of Hogan getting set to run, he throttles it, and the bike soon turns over on its side. Due to the safety features built into the motorcycle, Hogan never even lets go of the handlebars. Impressive. Scary.

4. When a car collides with a deer, the result is usually a pretty bad accident. When a motorcycle hits a deer, paramedics and an ambulance are usually soon to follow. In "FZ6 Vs. Deer", though, the rider comes through without a scratch. The camera angle is from behind the bike's small windshield, which is dappled with the light rain that is apparently falling, reason enough not to be going 80 miles an hour down the road. The deer darts out, as they are known to do, and both the cycle and the camera are jolted suddenly as the motorcycle smashes into the bovine's hindquarter. Amazingly, the bike does not go down, but actually pulls over. The rider audibly loses his composure, but the video ends without any view of the damage to the motorcycle. A graphic explains that "The Deer Got Up and Ran Away".

3. As with the early horror film Nosferatu, some of the most frightening moments are encapsulated in silence. Originally served up on (the original purveyors of reality fright-footage), "UK Motorcycle Accident" takes place in the noiseless vacuum of a police car's dash-cam. The accident comes from the periphery as a motorcycle passes the patrol car and inexplicably crashes. Close examination of the video shows that the motorcyclist was rear-ended by a speeding van. The rider is thrown violently to the side, hidden from view by a parked car. The video ends with the police walking toward the scene, which surely cannot be good.

2. "First-Person Motorcycle Crash" isn't just one of the eeriest motorcycle crash videos you'll ever see - it's one of the most frightening videos of all time. Shot from a helmet-mounted camera, one has the vantage point of screaming down a narrow country road. At around the 20 second mark (at 95 miles per hour), as the rider is passing several other motorcyclists parked on the side of the road, his bars start to wobble, and then the world turns upside down. Several times. The lens ends up face down in the grass, then the rider's black-gloved hands come into view. He flips open his visor and lays down, his lower body and legs in the frame. He tries to move his hands which are silhouetted against the early evening sky and his head lolls back. A figure appears, a man standing over him with his hands out, as if assessing the damage. More people come wandering in from the periphery - the gawkers. The camera is still.

1. With over 4.3 million views, the video of Paul McConnell's near-fatal crash is indicative of people's fascination with motorcycle crashes, and an example to all riders of the dangers of stunt-riding on public roadways. One peaceful morning, while out riding with a friend in San Francisco, McConnell loses control of his street bike while touching his front wheel back on the ground after a wheelie. The handlebars begin whipping back and forth, and after a horrifying second or two, McConnell lays the bike down and skids into a parked car. His protective gear saved his life, but not his body; he suffered fractured ribs, a shattered orbital bone and broke both of his hands - which was worse him than for most folks, since Paul McConnell is hearing impaired and relies on sign language to communicate.


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